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Nivis Announces ISA100 Gateway Client Interface (GCI) SDK Availability

ATLANTA, Georgia — (March 24, 2014) – Nivis, a global leader in Internet of Things and Industrial Wireless networking, today announced the availability of the ISA100 Gateway Client Interface (GCI) SDK.

The ISA100 GCI SDK is a software package that includes the implementation of the ISA100 Wireless™ Gateway General Client Interface (GCI) Protocol, as well as a simplified API for integrating with existing applications. The ISA100 GCI SDK is available in both binary and source code format, and is written in ANSI C++ programming language.

The ISA100 GCI SDK speeds development of the ISA100 standard-based application software, and allows legacy protocols and proprietary applications to integrate with ISA100 Wireless, while simplifying the use of those applications throughout the plant’s wireless sensors network infrastructure.

By enabling existing legacy applications and systems with ISA100 Wireless™ capability, ISA100 GCI SDK saves on maintenance and operations cost, eliminates the need to redesign existing software tools, reducing the integration time from months to weeks.

About ISA100 Wireless™ – Gateway General Client Interface (GCI) Protocol

The ISA100 WirelessTM – General Client Interface (GCI) is a protocol specification which provides an open and interoperable multi-vendor interface between a GCI server and a GCI client application, enabling GCI client’s access to the user application process information of any of the ISA100.11a compliant field devices joined into the wireless network. By simplifying the integration with higher level control applications, and enterprise-wide applications the GCI protocol contributes to greater system flexibility, quicker system integration, and lower installation/integration cost.

About ISA100 Wireless™

ISA100 Wireless™ is the first international industrial wireless networking standard in the ISA100 open family of standards, focusing upon the needs of process industries. The ISA100 Wireless Compliant™ certification ensures that supplier companies deliver interoperable wireless products and provides users the freedom to choose best-of-breed ISA100 Wireless™ devices from a large pool of suppliers. As a result, automation engineers are able to create, modify, optimize and scale wireless networks quickly at user sites. With ISA100 Wireless, customers gain a solution that is open, interoperable, scalable and reliable for their most critical applications. ISA100 Wireless™ technology is simple to deploy, secure, control ready, and supports legacy and future applications. Built from the ground-up using open industry standards, ISA100 Wireless™ includes native IPv6 addressing, 6LoWPAN technology, AES-128 encryption, IEEE 802.15.4 radios, duo-cast transmission and object technology enabling control in the field.

The ISA100 Wireless™ standard received ISA committee approval in 2011 and formal ANSI approval in January 2012. Headed toward internationalization, the formal standard, ANSI/ISA-100.11a-2011 was accepted as new work in IEC SC65C and as a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) IEC 62734 in 2011. Stakeholders comprising the ISA100 Committee included professionals from more than 250 companies worldwide made up of end users, technology suppliers, research and development professionals, academia and other industry consortia and standards bodies.

About Nivis

Founded in 1998, Nivis is a world leader in open standard wireless sensing and control network technologies, including 6LoWPAN, ISA100.11a, and WirelessHART. Nivis technologies are field-proven and at work today inside some of the largest smart metering and industrial wireless OEMs. Nivis serves customers in 30 countries worldwide from its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and its European offices in Romania.

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